Dog Cleanup Service


Our Dog Cleanup, Pooper Scooper business  started 1987 servicing Onondaga County for over 30 years  and cleaning  yards in your neighborhood.  Tools are sanitized and gates are secured to insure your dog's safety.   We have established routes  with insured service technicians  offering a quality service  at reasonable rates . 

Our Weekly Service is available year round at  $10.00 per week for first dog and $2.00 extra per week for  additional dog. 

One Time Cleanouts are offered as required to help  keep your yard clean so the dogs  don't track it into your home. 

Examples : Spring Cleanup after a long winters thaw when the snow melts  -  Mid-Winter Cleanups through the winter during snow meltdowns  - Cleanups throughout the year  before an event or Holiday   -  Just a yard cleanup because everyone is to busy to do it.  

Let us help you do your unwanted chore. Please  provide us with some information on our Contact Us Form so we can help you get started with the task of getting your yard clean.